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Suture and Staple Removal Kits


MED-RX suture and staple removal kits include quality instrumentation and componentry to facilitate these necessary procedures. Save valuable time and increase workflow efficiency in your department by combining the essential components for suture or staple removal in one convenient and customized package.


MED-RX Suture and Staple Removal kits aid in:

  • Reduction in waste from extra, unused supplies
  • Reduction in loss of reusable instruments
  • Standardization and compliance to the practice and procedures followed by the clinical team
  • Compliance to important infection control policies


MED-RX Kits feature a wide variety of componentry to suit your clinical needs:

  • Peel pack pouch package
  • Metal forceps
  • Stainless steel forceps
  • Fine tip plastic forceps
  • Scissor options – Littauer, Sharp/Blunt, Iris Scissor
  • Gauzes (2x2” or 3x3” available)
  • Staple removal scissor options


Our custom Suture and Staple Removal Kits can also include SutureOut. SutureOut is the only guarded blade for removing sutures. This innovative suture removal kit makes suture removal faster and easier for the practitioner, and more comfortable for the patient. Amazing for embedded sutures, tightly-tied knots, thin skin, and uncooperative patients. For more info, please visit: www.sutureout.com

About the MED-RX Procedure Tray program:

The MED-RX Procedure Tray program is an integral part of the MED-RX portfolio. Our procedure trays are specifically designed and customized to our customer’s specifications depending on their practice and protocol requirements.  The trays are meant to improve workflow efficiency and meet the clinical needs of its users.

  • Hospital staff perform hundreds of standard hospital procedures daily.  By using MED-RX procedure trays to quickly, safely and consistently perform their tasks, they are able to maximize their time treating patients and minimize the necessity of gathering multiple individual supplies
  • MED-RX procedure trays are made for the Canadian marketplace and may include a selection of wet components such as prep solutions and lidocaine
  • MED-RX procedure trays help clinicians quickly and effectively meet their practice and protocol needs during procedure addressing lacerations, biopsies, suture removal, lumbar puncture, labour and delivery and many others
  • MED-RX custom procedure trays are made to your departments specifications, ultimately increasing procedural efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating wasted unused components
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