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Introducer Kit


AVANOS Introducer Kits are designed to minimize trauma and provide enhanced patient comfort.  Designed for initial Endoscopic, Radiologic or Laparoscopic placement of G, J and GJ feeding tube placement (12Fr – 20Fr).

The AVANOS Introducer Kit delivers all the essential tools for an efficient, secure and less invasive placement. The kit offers:

  • Lowered risk for surgical and post-op complications that other procedures may pose (e.g., longer hospital stay, punctured colon, tissue damage, etc.)3
  • Tools specifically designed for visual and surgical accuracy
  • Sterilized introducer needle, haemostat, J-guide wire/seeking catheter, scalpel and more
  • Flexibility as adjunctive or primary procedure [MIC* or MIC-KEY* G, J or GJ Feeding Tube placement (12-20 Fr)]
  • Easy access to the essential tools in one convenient kit

Introducer Kits provide reduced surgical steps and fewer incisions.


Efficient Clinical Solution

  • Simple, Intuitive Tools
  • Promotes Patient Compliance & Comfort
  • Controlled Delivery
    • Confidently secure the stomach
    • Audible confirmation of suture lock
    • Absorbable sutures
    • Promotes patient hygiene with easy-to-clean bolster
    • Smooth, round retention device for patient comfort
    • One-handed, on-demand T-bar deployment
    • Protects clinician from inadvertent needle sticks
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