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Ambulatory, Routine, LTM and ICU to High Channel Count EEG’s.


Arc Apollo + Video solutions.

Clinical EEG, EMU, and Ambulatory EEG patients can move freely with onboard rechargeable batteries, continuous data acquisition, and continuous impedance checking. Compact, lightweight and rugged. Compatible with Arc Photic Stimulator, Patient Voice Event Microphone and Event Switch, Q-Video Mobile, and much more.


Arc Essentia E1 / E3

Routine Clinical practice or Cerebral Monitoring in ICU or EMU, Arc Essentia ensures high quality EEG signals, even in noisy environments. Its rugged and water-resistant design will withstand the use and abuse of real-life clinical practice.

Plug and play IP or USB cameras synchronize video with EEG data. A USB cord powers and connects the Arc Photic Stimulator for operation through the software.


Arc Zenith

Arc Zenith is a robust intracranial and extracranial EEG solution that lets you capture up to 144 channels at 1 MHz sampling. It offers a fully integrated switch matrix for convenient cortical stimulation. Arc Zenith offers high channel count extracranial and intracranial EEG, cortical stimulation, and smart Zenect connectors.