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Aspen Pediatric Collar

Aspen Medical


Unlike most pediatric collars which are simply smaller versions of an adult collar, Aspen® Pediatric Collars were designed with input from nurses to meet the unique needs of children. Patented features allow these collars to automatically conform and cradle the unique anatomy of the pediatric patient without excessive pressure on their fragile skin. Integrating innovative features of the Aspen Collar helps ensure the balance between motion restriction and gentle care is achieved.


Five Sizes to Custom Fit Infants and Pediatric Patients

Aspen Pediatric Collars are offered in 5 sizes specifically designed to automatically conform to provide a custom fit for infants and pediatrics. Collars are also available with a set of replacement pads.

Gentle by Design

The pads are made of breathable, open cell foam with a soft, hypoallergenic cotton lining which helps keep the skin clean, cool and comfortable.

Safe for Delicate Skin

Aspen Pediatric Collars minimize the potential for skin breakdown, while maintaining a therapeutic level of motion restriction. The FlexTabs™ have been designed to spread support across the contact surfaces, helping to eliminate hot spots that can lead to skin breakdown.

Offers Motion Restriction

With the similar features as the Aspen Collar, the Aspen Pediatric Line was designed specifically for infants and pediatric patients to provide the same level of motion restriction found in the adult versions.

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