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Atrium Ocean Wet Suction Water Seal Chest Drain



The Ocean 2002 Series chest drain features a graduated water seal that provides convenient assessment of intra-thoracic pressure. The chest drain uses a familiar wet suction operating system that sets up quickly and transports easily.


Getinge's complete family of chest drains feature multi-position hangers, a needleless access port for patient drainage sampling, automatic high negative pressure relief and knock-over nozzles to help reduce interchamber spills.


Ocean features a familiar wet suction operating system


  • Universal water seal technology with air leak monitor for patient air leak trending
  • Internal knock-over nozzles minimize inter-chamber spills
  • Suction control stopcock for easy adjustment of water bubbling
  • In-line connector with needleless access sampling port
  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection
  • Large, easy-to-grab handle and flexi-hangers allow the drain to be hung bedside from a single point
  • Large, easy-to-read graphics provide fast, accurate drainage assessment
  • Removable side clamp
  • Not made with natural rubber latex