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Central Line Maintenance kits

MED-RX Central Line Care Trays promote standardized practice to help your institution achieve compliance to the Safer Healthcare Now! Central Line Care Bundle. Each tray features clean and sterile components in one convenient kit and is designed to fit your practice with components sequenced in order of need. 


With MED-RX Central Line Care Trays you can simplify aseptic technique by opening fewer items and eliminate instances of missing components. By streamlining the dressing change process, the focus of the clinician can be on the patient.


MED-RX Central Line Care Trays feature a variety of components to suit your clinical needs. 


  • One-, Three- or Five-compartment trays
  • Peel Pouch
  • Sterile-Wrapped Trays
  • Lidded Trays



  • Cotton or Rayon, available in all sizes


Additional Components:

  • Towel/Underpad
  • Drapes
  • CHG Applicator Options
  • IV Securement Dressing
  • Gloves
  • Procedure Mask with or withour Eye Shield
  • Isolation Gown
  • Bouffant Cap
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