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Cooled RF Peristaltic Pump Unit

The Cooled Radio Frequency Probe from AVANOS enables placement of large volume, spherical lesions in nervous and disc tissue without increased risk of adjacent tissue damage. The unique, patented, water-cooled technology unleashes the potential for a host of current and future RF treatment options for chronic spinal pain to help give patients the quality of life they deserve. The pump unit circulates sterile water through the Cooled Radio Frequency Probe. This is achieved via closed-loop fluid circuit. The closed-loop fluid circuit includes a Pain Management Tube Kit and a Cooled Radio Frequency Probe. The Pain Management Pump comes with a connector cable which connects it to the generator (PMG-TD) for power and speed control. Peristaltic pump connects to Pain Management RF Generator, which controls water flow to probe Disposable tube kit circulates sterile water to cool probe electrode

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