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DeRoyal® Suction and Waste Fluid Management



DeRoyal realizes that healthcare facilities are in need of simple, safe, and cost-effective solutions for disposal of medical waste fluid. Thus, DeRoyal has dedicated itself to researching, designing and manufacturing quality waste fluid management products that are more convenient, more economical, more efficient, and provide for improved safety. SafeLiner Semi-Rigid Liner System Innovative adhesive seal on lid keeps lid securely in place to help prevent leakage and spills Self-aligning lid allows for quick and easy lid assembly Enhanced flow rates allow for greater suction power in clinical settings Innovative filter technology helps prevent backflow of aspirated fluids into hospital vacuum systems Proven filter in lid to trap aerosolized red microorganisms Canisters are nested for efficient packaging and storage Not made with natural rubber latex Crystaline Rigid Canister System Larger ports for better suction Completely disposable May be used with a regulator, wall outlet or a central vacuum system 300cc, 1200cc, 1500cc, and 2500cc capacities Available with or without elbows Easy-to-read printed gradations Plenty of space for marking patient information For single-patient use Not made with natural rubber latex Secure press-on lids stay tight during transport and disposal, to help eliminate risks Built-in pour spouts on all lids Filtration of staphyloccus aureus at 99.5% efficiency Proven filter in lid to trap aerosolized microorganisms Validated positive shut-off valve prevents overflow Kits include tubing, connectors, solidifier and more Initial hardware provided on consignment Available in single, four and up to eight-canister set-ups OmniJugs Suction Canisters 16 Liter disposable rigid canisters, the largest on the market Allows use of up to four devices simultaneously Eliminates changing canisters during heavy fluid procedures Fits any O.R. ring stand for easier transport Floor dolly available for use with Omni-Jugs for easy movement during and after procedure Available with or without specimen trap Siphon available to discard fluid Not made with natural rubber latex

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