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Dual Nasal Cannula



Dual Nasal Cannula monitors EtCO2 from both nostrils, whist simultaneously delivering supplementary oxygen. Utilising both nares ensures a strong, reliable trace even if one nostril is clogged. The patients expiratory breath diverts fresh oxygen flow away from the EtCO2 sampling prongs, so there is no risk of dilution affecting the capnography. To improve patient comfort and reduce costs, Dual Nasal Cannula has Soft Touch tubing which is flexible and gentle on the ears and face, minimising friction and pressure on delicate tissues without the need for bulky, uncomfortable foam ear guards. Flexicares Soft Touch tubing with frosted finish minimises stresses in this delicate area, reducing the potential for skin breakdown and associated costs Dual Nasal Cannula is available in Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal with different tube lengths, a choice of male or female leur connectors to suit all side stream capnometers, and the option of a protective hydrophobic filter, meeting all individual requirements.

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