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Enteral Safe Extension Sets

The MED-RX Enteral Safe extension sets are custom made feedings sets designed to assist with practice and provide extra length during continuous feeds. Our sets are made with high quality, smooth PVC materials and are made to provide ease of use and convenience during application. Standard MED-RX enteral safe female end made with a pliable PVC material to provide a snug, but removable seal during continuous feeds Sets utilize our engineered MED-RX tethered cap to help better protect from air while not being used and help female connector hold shape when closed off Enteral Extension Sets are designed with an FOR FEEDING ENTERAL ONLY label on each tube and orange stripe for easy feeding identification Our ability to customize tube length, design and priming volume provide us with a variety of options depending on your facilities needs we have special bifurcations and lower priming volume options for the conservation of breast milk while in use CHS packages all extension sets in STERILE format All MED-RX extension sets are latex and DEHP free

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