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MultiCROC® Single Use Multi-Sampling Biopsy Forceps

MultiCROC® Single Use Multi-Sampling Biopsy Forceps are novel devices developed and manufactured by PriMed Instruments Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.


These devices are ideally suited for gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures requiring harvesting of a large number of biopsies.


MultiCROC® forceps operates in the same fashion as the standard biopsy forceps, but collects consecutive tissue samples between the elongated jaws. Patented design assures high clamping force of the jaws and excellent quality specimens.


MultiCROC® forceps can harvest five biopsy samples in one pass through the endoscope reducing the time of the procedures.


Having the forceps ready at the tip of the endoscope for the next biopsy, without re-inserting the device, helps in reaching the biopsy site quickly and accurately.


Removal of the tissue from the jaws into the fixative is easy just by shaking the tip of the open forceps in the fluid.


The devices are supplied sterile and are intended for single use only.

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