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neoBLUE® blanket LED Phototherapy System



The neoBLUE blanket LED Phototherapy System provides intensive phototherapy in a soft and flexible design. It is positioned underneath the baby to deliver phototherapy via a blue LED light source. Plus, baby can be held or nursed without interrupting phototherapy, encouraging patent-infant bonding. The neoBLUE blanket LED Phototherapy System: Provides the most effective degradation of bilirubin and meets AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy Does not emit significant light in the ultraviolet (UV) range - reducing the potential risk of skin damage Is designed for comfort and support - the streamlined, oval design confirms to the shape of the baby with large and small sizes available Disposable mattress provides comfortable cushioning underneath the infant and disposable mattress covers ensure a clean, soft surface for baby Reduces costly and time-consuming bulb replacements by providing approximately 20,000 hours of use at high intensity

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