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NICU Enteral Pump

Atlanta BioMedical Corporation


Atlanta BioMedical Corporation designs, manufactures, and commercializes a dedicated enteral infusion pump. The pump recognizes all enteral syringe manufacturers and accepts all sizes from 1mL to 140 mL. The pump is made out of metal (not plastic) for durability, comes with a handle, and can be mounted on any pole/rail system. The pump has several potential levels to improve the safety of enteral deliveries. Depending on your institution's preference(s), the pump can be customized to meet the specific needs of your clinical environment. Keypad color: orange and purple are both available Pump front labels: colored labels and messages can be displayed LCD: the display prominently shows in the large letters - ENTERAL Enteral questions: a selection of enteral questions can be programmed Automatic syringe size recognition

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