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Single Sterile Instruments

MED-RX sterile and non-sterile single use instruments help to:

  • Save time and streamline workflow efficiency
  • Reduce the incidence of stock outs
  • Minimize the occurrence and cost of lost reusable instruments
  • Reduce MDRD workload, allowing focus to shift to other more complex priorities in the department
  • Improve MDRD resource utilization
  • Improve instrument availability for departments in need
  • Promote standardized procedures and consistency of practice

Choose from a selection of available:

  • Needle Driver
  • Scissors (Littauer, Sharp/Blunt, Iris, Bandage)
  • Ring handle forceps
  • Sponge Forceps
  • Kelly Forceps
  • Adson Forceps
  • Dressing Forceps
  • Probes
  • Speculums (Eye, Vaginal)
  • Clamps

Specialty instrument sourcing and customized packaging available by request.

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