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Smartdop® XT Vascular Testing System



The Smartdop® XT is Koven’s most advanced vascular testing system. With 14 inflation ports, a simple one-button start, and dual side cuff inflation, the Smartdop® XT can perform rapid bilateral, multiple level vascular studies. Integrated pulse volume and Doppler, PPG (photoplethysmography) & temperature probes enable a wide variety of arterial and venous studies for the evaluation and management of vascular disease.



  • Comprehensive vascular testing system with both Doppler and automatic testing capabilities
  • 14 inflation ports and dual-sided cuff inflation for rapid bilateral multiple level arterial studies
  • Built-in pulse volume capabilities
  • Windows based Smart-XT-Link software creates easy to read test reports and PDF & DICOM® compatible files that can be integrated into your facility's EHR or PACS system
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