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Tidi® Posey Neonatal Securement

Removable ID Bracelet and Circumstraint Board Straps


Tidi® Posey Removable ID Bracelets are designed to be easily removed or relocated for newborns as IV sites are changes. Foam ID bracelet is easily repositioned on wrist or ankle to accommodate IV site changes. While, Tidi® Posey Circumstraint Board Straps are designed to safely limit limb movement of infants that require circumcision treatments.

Removable ID Bracelet Features

  • Includes a blank ID panel for writing or to accept a 2 5/8” (7 cm) label
  • Secures with a hook-and-loop
  • Available in Newborn and Preemie sizes

Circumstraint Board Strap Features

  • Soft foam straps thread easily through slots in circumstraint board to help comfortably hold infant's limbs
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