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Vein Viewer

Christie Medical


VeinViewers innovative technology assists clinicians in identifying the best vein options in real time patient assessments. With our AVIN (Active Vascular Imaging Navigation), you can assess all possible options for peripheral vein access, moving the VeinViewer image along the anatomy and getting immediate feedback. This, along with our Df2 technology, relates directly to VeinViewers ability to make a positive impact to the entire venipuncture procedure, Pre-, During- and Post-access. Our exclusive Df2 (Digital full field) technology allows clinicians to see deeper vasculature with more accuracy than other vein light devices on the market. Because the full field of the image has been processed through our proprietary algorithms, VeinViewer can show you more than just the location of a vein. Our vein illuminator can show you valuable information Pre-, During- and Post-access, helping you make a more educated decision for intravenous catheter placement.

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