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Vizor (Add-On Eye Shield)

The Canadian Shield


The Canadian Shield Vizor

The Vizor is a unique new PPE solution created by The Canadian Shield. Unlike previous solutions like face shields, goggles, or combination masks with shields, the Vizor is an attachable eye shield that is compatible with almost any procedural or surgical-style mask.

The Vizor is a simple, affordable, and practical solution for personal protection on Canada’s frontline. It improves patient and worker safety in healthcare settings by offering an easily accessible additional barrier of protection.

The Vizor is 100% PET plastic and recyclable.

This product is tested to comply with CSA Z94 (Section 11.1).

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to Use: Attaches in seconds to almost any procedural or surgical-style face mask.
  • Cost-Effective: Combining the Vizor with a regular procedural or surgical-style face mask is a more cost-effective solution than traditional combination masks or face shields. 
  • Logistical Value: Combine your existing stockpile of face masks to provide advanced safety for your team.
  • Space Efficient: Simplify your logistics by replacing bulky piles of face shields or goggles with flat-packed Vizors. They'll fit on a PPE cart and reduce your warehousing requirements. 
  • Increased Safety: The Vizor helps to improve the seal of ASTM 3 and 4 ply medical masks. It naturally holds the mask closer to the wearer's face, and adds additional coverage beyond the mask's width. 
  • Usability: Increased comfort and ease in donning and doffing compared to face shields.
  • Sustainable: Made with PET plastic, the Vizor is 100% recyclable in a standard blue bin.
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