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a gloved hand reaching for surgical utensils

Kits and Trays

The MED-RX® brand of kits and trays includes custom and standardized options to meet your procedural needs

Enteral Feeding

The MED-RX® Enteral Safety Feeding System is a Canadian-made system designed to support the safe enteral feeding practices of pre-term babies

a baby sleeping with a tube attached to its nose
a woman lying in a hospital bed with a ventilator mask attached to her face

Respiratory and Anesthesia

A complete offering of solutions helps clinicians meet the challenging needs in respiratory management

Interventional and Perfusion

Endovascular and cardiac solutions that contribute to successful patient outcomes

a doctor wearing a stethoscope and using it on a patient
two doctors wearing surgical scrubs looking at a monitor


Medical solutions fulfill a broad range of capital equipment and consumable product needs across the continuum of care

Surgical Products

Products selected for patient and healthcare worker safety in the surgical suite and procedural areas

a person wearing a surgical face mask, protective eyewear, and a face shield putting on glove

Infection Prevention

A robust offering of infection prevention solutions provides choice and protection that is aligned with your needs

Diagnostic Imaging
Digestive Health
Dopplers-Vascular Testing
Infection Prevention
Medication Delivery
Monitoring Systems
Neuro Diagnostics
Operating Room
Pain Management
Patient Temp Management
Pulmonary Function
Respiratory Therapy
Transcranial Magentic Stimulation
Vascular Access

Key Solutions

CHS is pleased to represent a broad offering of high quality, market leading solutions.
Our solutions are carefully selected to enhance patient care and safety, across the care continuum.

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