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Antigermix E1
  • Antigermix E1
  • Antigermix E1

Antigermix E1



AE1 is leading the way in chemical free and ultrafast automated high level disinfection for reprocessing transoesophageal echocardiography transducers (TEE. TOE).


Probe Compatible

  • UV-C HLD energy is probe compatible
  • Many leading ultrasound probe manufacturers have approved the use of AE1
  • Extensive probe compatibility testing.
  • Easy probe loading and unloading mechanism reduces wear and tear on probe cable
  • Non-Corrosive to Probe cables


Chemical Free

  • Safeguards staff and patients by avoiding hazardous chemicals, fumes, and spills.
  • No chemical residuals are left on the probe after disinfection, protecting the operator and patient from chemical burns (hand or face) 1-2
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