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Cool D-880 A/P
  • Cool D-880 A/P

Cool D-880 A/P



Designed for advanced clinical research studies. Functions as both active (A) and placebo (P) coil. Its symmetrical design with no indication of active vs. placebo side makes it ideal for double-blinded research studies. 120° angled surface. Built-in orientation switch to determine which side of the coil should be placed towards the patient. Adjustable output for current stimulation of the patient’s skin synchronously with the magnetic stimulation pulses. It has a built-in timer and counter indicating the remaining pulses/days.  

ShapeButterfly (figure 8)
CoolingActive cooling
Stimulator compatibilityMagPro R30, MagPro R30 with MagOption, MagPro X100, MagPro X100 with MagOption
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