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Flixene Vascular Grafts
  • Flixene Vascular Grafts

Flixene Vascular Grafts



Flixene is a unique 3 layer ePTFE graft designed for use in both vascular bypass and AV Access graft applications.  The 3 layer construction provides Flixene significantly improved strength and durability over previous Getinge (formerly Maquet) single and double layer ePTFE grafts.  To address a broad number of patient needs, Flixene grafts are offered in a variety of configurations including:



  • Getinge offers an extensive line of straight grafts.  Straight grafts are often used for those applications where a bypass is needed and vessel diameter remains a constant from the proximal to the distal anastomosis.


  • A wide selection of tapered grafts is also offered for those clinical applications where flow dynamics need to be altered or when performing a bypass between two different diameter vessels.
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