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Hi-Torque Spartacore
  • Hi-Torque Spartacore

Hi-Torque Spartacore



Extra Support and Torque

  • Facilitates the placement and exchange of interventional devices during procedures
  • Is a supportive .014 wire with an atraumatic tip,1 to reduce multiple .014 wire exchanges
  • Has a core-to-tip stainless steel design for precise control and excellent tactile feedback1
  • Is available in 5 cm and 10 cm intermediate segments for traversing acute angles
  • Comes in guide wire lengths of 130 cm, 190 cm and 300 cm


Superb Tactile Feedback

  • With hydrophobic coating, provides low friction and enhances tactile feedback1
  • Offers visibility with 4 cm radiopaque tip coil
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