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Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow
  • Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow

Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow



The Posey Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow is intended for use with patients at risk for skin breakdown, foot drop and/or friction burns.

The multi-purpose heel pillow helps address a variety of heel and foot issues including skin irritation, heel ulcers and foot drop.

Machine washable, soft, non-shear polyester fabric offers a comfortable fit and helps protect the foot, ankle and calf from skin irritation.

Hollow core micro-fiber filling helps maintain resiliency after repeated washings.

Removable Gel Pad fits underneath the calf for hot/cold therapy applications.

Open heel cutout helps promote heel isolation and air circulation, helping to reduce heat buildup.

Adjustable foot drop control with easy-to-adjust side straps and a firm foot support base.

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