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PRO-heeLx® Heel Protector
  • PRO-heeLx® Heel Protector

PRO-heeLx® Heel Protector



The PRO-heeLx Heel Protector from Posey is designed to float the heels above the bed surface to help protect against heel pressure ulcers.

Ideal for use with patients at risk for heel pressure ulcers, skin breakdown and/or friction burns.

Durable straps help with foot drop functionality.

2 heel lift helps isolate the heel and the large opening helps ensure adequate ventilation and cooling of the heel and eases patient monitoring.

Machine washable and available in three sizes to customize fit any patient type.

The outer fabric is made of breathable nylon, allowing moisture and heat to migrate away from the foot.

Ortho-Wick inner-liner material for moisture management and patient care and comfort.

Optional Stabilizer Wedge(pictured) helps prevent complications related to lateral rotations of the foot.

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