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Protective Cap / Hat With Pads
  • Protective Cap / Hat With Pads

Protective Cap / Hat With Pads



Posey Protective Caps and Hats are designed to protect patents at risk for head injyrt from falls.


  • An integrated foam construction that is tested to provide high level impact absorption and protection of the head in the event of a fall.
  • Available in three unique styles to better accommodate a wide variety of patients/residents.
  • Unique design of Caps with built in protective pads offers a more discreet and low profile look than many commercially available protective head protectors, helping to preserve dignity for patient/residents wearing the caps for head protection.
  • Inner lining of Caps offers comfort and reduced heat buildup compared to other protective head protectors, helping to improve patient/resident compliance and adoption.
  • Lighter in weight than most commercially available helmets/head protectors on the marketplace.
  • Available in 5 sizes to fit a wide population of patients and residents.
  • All three caps are machine washable.
  • Available styles include Protective Navy Blue Cap (pictured), Protective Red Hat and Protective Grey Hat
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