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SkinSleeves Protectors
  • SkinSleeves Protectors

SkinSleeves Protectors



Posey SkinSleeves Protectors for arms and legs are versatile non-compression skin coverings that offer a discreet way to protect your patient's fragile skin from tears, bruises and abrasions.

SkinSleeves are recommended for use on patients with fragile skin prone to tears and abrasions and/or patients who disrupt IV and/or wound sites.

Helps prevent patient disruption of medical treatments by camouflaging IV sites and wound sites.

Helps protect thin, fragile skin tissue. Offers a protective barrier against skin tears and abrasion.

Knitted from latex free soft cotton/nylon/spandex four-way stretch yarn.

Models available with two different skin tone colors or with extra padding.

SkinSleeves protector for the arm are also available with sewn in pressure absorbing pads positioned at the elbow bony prominences

Features color coded sizing bands

Machine washable

Leg version is also available

SkinSleeves protectors are intended to fit as a comfort product. Actual fit will depend on individual anthropometric measurements and patient comfort level.

Posey regular Skinsleeves protector will stretch up to 100% in size (combination of both width and length).

Padded sizes have limited stretchability.

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