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Snowden-Pencer™ 3-MM Laparoscopic Instruments
  • Snowden-Pencer™ 3-MM Laparoscopic Instruments

Snowden-Pencer™ 3-MM Laparoscopic Instruments



To create the new Snowden-Pencer 3-mm laparoscopic insturments, BD worked with leading surgeons for more than two years to find the ideal balance of function, strength and design in a 3-mm instrument size. The result of the collaboration is the new portfolio of Snowden-Pencer 3-mm instruments, which feel and function like 5-mm instruments. The two-piece modular design features a large selection of 26 jaw patterns, in two lengths and six handle styles. This industry-leading portfolio gives you more than 300 configurations to confidently accomplish nearly any surgical task. Features and benefits: Microlaparoscopic procedures that utilize 3-mm trocars result in better cosmesis and patient comfort post-surgery Assembly and disassembly is quick and intuitive, allowing for easy inspection during cleaning to help support sterility initiatives The two-piece 3-mm microlaparoscopic portfolio uses the same ergonomic handles as the three-piece 5-mm and 10-mm instruments for a truly integrated portfolio Snowden-Pencer ergonomic handles are available in ring, pistol-grip and in-line styles. These ergonomic handles feature an integrated ratchet mechanism that allows you to adjust the ratchet quickly and easily. The handles are designed to be used with or without a locking mechanism. The complete 3-mm portfolio includes: 15 graspers, 4 dissectors, 3 needle holders, 4 scissors and various scopes, trocars and accessories.


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