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Tracoe Smart Cuff Manager
  • Tracoe Smart Cuff Manager

Tracoe Smart Cuff Manager



With Smart Cuff Manager the pressure in the cuff is maintained between 20 cmH2O and 30 cmH2O. Visual verification of the cuff pressure is indicated by the inflation level of the blue buffer ballon of the TRACOE smart, which should be inflated between 2/3 and 3/4. Additional checks of the cuff pressure may be performed with a cuff pressure manometer (e. g. TRACOE cpm REF 720). Is the cuff pressure too low, the TRACOE smart Cuff Manager refills the cuff quickly to its appropriate pressure.

Short high pressure peaks e. g. due to coughing will be tolerated by the integrated damping function which inhibits that air escapes instantly from the cuff. The solid shell of the TRACOE smart protects the highly elastic blue balloon from unwanted compression.

TRACOE smart is a latex- and DEHP-free, single patient product with a usage time of 29 days after opening.

The subglottic secretion suction with the aim to reduce the VAP rate of patients with an expected ventilation period of more than 72 hours was classified as category IA of the recommendations by the German Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention (guidelines for hospital hygiene and infection prevention issued by the Robert Koch Institute, KRINKO)*. The recommendation specifies that the cuff pressure level should be set between 20 and 30 cmH2O and checked at regular intervals. The recommendation is part of category IB. When these two actions are taken in combination, they can help to reduce the incidence of pneumonia.

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