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MED-RX GO2 Filtered Oxygen Masks


MED-RX GO2 Filtered Oxygen Mask / Reduce the Risk of Airborne Infections Offering Protection For All Delivery from 30% - 99% Oxygen - Low - Medium - High oxygen concentrations with one mask Compatible with standard Nebulizer for Drug therapy All patient exhalation is filtered through submicron, hydrophobic 3MTM filter Protects healthcare workers and patients Other Features Include: A closed mask breathing system with integral 3MTM filter maintains respiratory isolation during oxygen and drug aerosol therapy, reducing the risk of airborne infections such asSARS and influenza Over 99.9% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency Extra large oxygen reservoir ensures highest possible oxygen concentration while intake valve allows patient to make-up air from atmosphere if nessessary 3 mask sizes (Large Adult, Small Adult and Child) ensure best fit possible Cost effective; Replace Low, Med, High Oxygen concentration and nebulizer masks with one mask 100% latex free and disposable.

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