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StarClose SE™ Vascular Closure System



The StarClose SE Vascular Closure System provides a safe, easy and extravascular solution for percutaneous vascular closure in 5F to 6F diagnostic or interventional procedures. The system offers:

  • Rapid ambulation and hemostasis
  • Extravascular closure with no intravascular footprint
  • High technical procedure success rate*—a 100% success rate in the CLIP and RISE studies for diagnostic patients



The safe, easy, and extravascular solution for vascular closure of 5-6F femoral artery access sites.


  • Circumferential 360 degree mechanical closure
  • Device design features for procedural success
  • Minimized device exchanges through the sheath deployment


  • Four clicks to close
  • Numbered windows and numbered steps provide visual guidance for step completion


  • Clip is designed to close the adventitia and media, leaving nothing inside the artery
  • No disruption of flow or velocity
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