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At CHS, we provide our employees with the tools, processes, training and opportunities they need for a successful career. 

If you aspire to work in a team-oriented environment, Canadian Hospital Specialties is the right company for you. Our people are our strongest asset. Learn more about what CHS has to offer by exploring our Career Center.

Please click here to learn more about current career opportunities at CHS. 

Our Culture

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds with diverse talents but we all share the fundamental commitment of creating the highest quality products for our customers.


CHS Values

Customer Focus

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and quality. Our customers expect us to meet their commitments and we proactively look for ways to serve them better. We want to create long-term, mutually rewarding relationships that demonstrate a partnership approach to doing business. 



Our reputation is of utmost importance. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and behavior in dealings with our customers and colleagues. 



Our goal is to be the leading medical device manufacturer in the global marketplace. Leadership means more than simply being the largest. It means developing and investing in new technologies, products and materials that will benefit our customers. 

Productivity and Efficiency 

In order to deliver quality and value for our customers we constantly seek new ways to improve our efficiency and productivity, in all aspects of our business. 



CHS is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical devices available on the market and we are continuously improving and growing our product lines to enhance patient care. 

Career Opportunities

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