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The MED-RX® Brand


The MED-RX® brand has been a trusted name in the Canadian healthcare market for more than 30 years.

Most MED-RX products have started as customer-initiated designs, and we continue to offer customization as an option today!


Most MED-RX products are Canadian-made, packaged, or assembled, and are locally manufactured in Oakville, Ontario. MED-RX products are clinically designed to support standardization and protocol adherence, enhance workflow, and deliver convenience and efficiency.

The MED-RX product categories have expanded to include solutions such as patient care and procedure kits, anesthesia trays, enteral-safe feeding products, extension sets, drainage, and respiratory products.


The MED-RX brand offers quality, selection, and value across a broad offering of categories. MED-RX trays and kits provide the choice of customization or standardization, and help promote best practices and protocols for your facility.

The MED-RX brand delivers high quality solutions for enhanced patient care.

MED-RX® Products

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