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Partnership Opportunities

CHS recognizes that the Canadian healthcare market is unique in the global context. There are often regional differences that affect how products are sold, contracts are written, or technologies are adopted. Our suppliers are experts in understanding the features, benefits and competitive value that their products offer, and we are experts at translating that into plans that maximize opportunities for our customers here in Canada. 

At Canadian Hospital Specialties (CHS), we partner with manufacturers who can make a difference in the market with new and innovative solutions.


Working with every hospital in Canada, CHS' extensive product portfolio spans all hospital call points and services including: Respiratory, Anesthesia, Perfusion, Interventional Radiology, Biopsy & Drainage, Diagnostic Imaging, Operating Room, MDRD, Pharmacy, Infection Prevention, Pharmacy, Neuro and Cardiac Diagnostics, and General Med-Surg.

We have the facilities, expertise, and resources to represent your products in Canada 

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