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World class production capabilities

CHS is positioned to develop a solution for any packaging need. We use adaptable automated assembly and packaging equipment including seven “form/fill/seal” and bagging machines. With state-of-the-art, high resolution, in-line printing capability, we offer customer specific labeling with excellent print quality on all types of packaging.

By choosing CHS, you are working with an OEM organization that combines 50+ years of medical, manufacturing, and service experience. We have an intrinsic understanding of clinical best practice. Our expertise in custom and specialty packaging allows us to help promote industry standards. CHS is vertically integrated - from tubing extrusion to local sterilization.​

Packaging formats available

  • Anesthesia Tray

  • Standard Pouch

  • Lidded Tray

  • Bag​

Component Categories Available 

  • Needle (Tuohy, Whitacre, Blunt Fill, Safety)

  • Catheter (Foley, Suction, Drainage)

  • Syringe (LOR, Pre-Filled, Luer-Lock, Luer-Slip)

  • Drape (Fenestrated and Non- Fenestrated)

  • Instruments (Forceps, Scissors, Scalpels)

  • PPE (Gloves, Masks, Gowns)

  • Medicine Cups and Basins

  • Dressings, Towels, and Gauze

  • Anti-Septic (CHG, PVP, Alcohol Prep-pad)

  • Probe Covers (Telescopic, Folding)

Packaging & Assembly

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