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Biogel Skinsense
  • Biogel Skinsense

Biogel Skinsense



Biogel® Skinsense synthetic (non-latex) polychloroprene surgical glove is designed to be used in all general surgical procedures in which latex allergies are a concern. It can be worn as your preferred single glove, or as a part of a double-gloving Biogel Puncture Indication System. Biogel Skinsense is recommended for procedures where a longer chemical breakthrough time is desired. Skinsense is also our glove of choice when handling cytotoxic agents or bone cement. In these cases we recommend it be worn in combination with Biogel Skinsense Indicator Underglove for improved protection. Details of breakthrough times can be provided.


Powder-free, as always, Biogel Skinsense reduces the possibility of glove-related latex protein sensitisation.

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