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ES-100X MiniDop® Surgical Doppler
  • ES-100X MiniDop® Surgical Doppler

ES-100X MiniDop® Surgical Doppler



The ES100X MiniDop® is a portable ultrasound Surgical Doppler for use in intraoperative and noninvasive applications. Intraoperatively, the ES-100X is used to momentarily detect blood flow sounds before and after vascular, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, and plastic and reconstructive procedures. Choose from a wide selection of durable, interchangeable, reusable and single-use intraoperative probes in a variety of styles and frequencies. Noninvasive vascular probes are also available to enable standardization in your facility.


  • Handheld, lightweight & portable
  • Wide selection of interchangeable probe styles and frequencies for a variety of intraoperative procedures (supplied separately)
  • Surgical probes are validated for a wide variety of sterilization options
  • Noninvasive probes also available to promote standardization in your facility
  • Compact and battery operated
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