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NEOMED* GravityPro Syringe
  • NEOMED* GravityPro Syringe

NEOMED* GravityPro Syringe

NeoMed vented ENFit® syringes are available in 20mL & 100 mL sizes and are intended for oral and enteral administration. These offset syringes can be used to deliver lipids first in a horizontally positioned syringe pump. All syringes include a hands-free tip cap to promote aseptic technique.


Product Features

  • Sterile clear syringes with purple or orange gradient markings with tip caps
  • Vented design minimizes exposure to air by allowing venting to occur while the plunger is still in place
  • Integrated hanger designed to eliminate the need to hand hold while gravity feeding
  • Single use only


Available in Non-Enfit

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