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ACG-Perfusion™ System



Deployed in the OR, the Talis Talis Advanced Clinical Guidance (ACG) Perfusion System is a true Perfusion Information Management System, allowing for safe and efficient care by automatically collecting all relevant perfusion data at the point of care. Compliant checklist-driven protocols guide best practices.



  • The cockpit, which leverages a touchscreen monitor, automatically pulls information from heart lung machines, physiologic monitors, hospital EHRs, lab systems, ADTs, scheduling, pharmacy, and many other bidirectional HIT interfaces.
  • Advanced clinical and operational guidances based on patient-specific baselines and hospital-specific protocols allow clinicians to quickly assess the situation and make smarter decisions.
  • Targeted smart alerts minimize noise and alarm fatigue that typical threshold alarms exacerbate.
  • The analytical research tool gives clinicians the ability to create complex process controls utilizing endless combinations of patient data.
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