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BIOMASK™ Procedural Masks ASTM Level 1 - 3 (50/Box)

The Canadian Shield


The Canadian Shield’s BioMask™ is a biodegradable* medical-grade procedural face mask that can break down in the landfill.

The BioMask™ aims to offer an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable medical-grade face masks, thereby helping to reduce the massive environmental footprint left behind by medical PPE waste.

The BioMask™ has also been tested to comply with ASTM F2100-20 requirements for medical-grade face masks.


  • Same Form, Same Function: The BioMask™ provides the same coverage, form, and function as traditional face masks, but in a biodegradable* format.
  • Full Coverage: Our pleated design offers full coverage of the nose and mouth. Added nose stiffener offers a tight seal to minimize gaps.
  • No Special Processing: The BioMask ™ is disposed of the same way as traditional face masks. The biodegradation* process takes place when the BioMask ™ reaches the landfill.
  • Complies with ASTM F2100-20 Level 1-3 requirements
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