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Bladderscan Prime Plus



The Bladderscan Prime Plus is Verathon's latest offering in ultrasound bladder volume calculation. Powered by ImageSense artificial intelligence (AI), BladderScan Prime Plus provides exceptional accuracy with enhanced, point and click ease of use. ImageSense, the groundbreaking algorithm in Prime Plus, combines clinical data from thousands of scans and tens of thousands of ultrasound images with Deep Learning technologysetting a new standard in bladder volume measurement accuracy The simple, intuitive design of BladderScan Prime Plus significantly improves on the ease-of-use of BladderScan Prime. Included among the key usability improvements are: One-mode scanning for all patient types Point and click use ImageSense, combined with VMode automated 3D volume acquisition, requires no manual probe fanning, minimizes user error, and optimizes clinical workflows Improved BladderTraq aiming assist and new visual/color cues to indicate proper aiming Durable medical-grade design and simplified cleaning for real-world use and compliance with hospital disinfectant standards

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