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Dandle PAL™

DandleLION Medical


The Dandle PAL™ is uniquely designed with two weighted pouches that provide flexible boundaries and proprioceptive input. The larger pouch in the horseshoe provides support and flexion and the small pouch can be placed on top of the horseshoe to give height or extra support.


  • Comes in both washable and wipeable versions (with cloth and disposable cover options)
  • Filled with small, silky micro discs
  • Works well alone, in multiples or in combination with other positioning aids to meet a variety of clinical needs
  • Serves as an “extra set of hands” to provide individualized positioning
  • Provides support for tubing or medical equipment
  • Two interior plastic disc-filled bags stitched inside to hold the shape
  • Discs are made from free polypropylene plastic that are DEHP free and not made with natural rubber latex
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