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Infant Identifier

DandleLion Medical


The Infant Identifier biometrically links the mother to her baby by capturing the babys DNA and the mothers fingerprint in one location. The entire process takes only a few minutes. One end of the uniquely shaped wafer is swabbed inside the mouth of a newborn during the hospital stay. This swab captures shedding cheek cells containing DNA, as well as the scent of the infants saliva for scent dog tracking. The other end of the Infant Identifier wafer captures the mothers and/or fathers fingerprints. The wafer is then placed in a double sealed plastic bag. The wafer is bio-inert and has no scent, taste or smell. The sealed bag can be kept in the hospital until discharge or given to the parents to take home for safekeeping. Parents are instructed to keep the Infant Identifier out of direct sunlight (e.g. in the freezer, a bureau drawer, etc). This is the first product that can be used to link adoptive parents, or parents who used a donor to aid in conception, to their baby. It will link the mother and/or father to the baby, help to identify the baby or help with scent tracking in case of emergency.

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