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IZI Kopans Breast Lesion Localization Needle

IZI Medical


With enhanced reference burnish mark, reinforced spring hook wire, and optional EchoTip echogenic modality, the Kopans Breast Lesion Localization needle allows for superior marking of nonpalpable breast lesions. 

  • The spring-hook wire acts as a marker to indicate the location of the lesion
  • The reference burnish mark, when visible just outside the needle hub on the spring-hook wire, provides visual assurance that the hook wire is within the needle tip during needle manipulation
  • The reinforced portion of the modified spring-hook wire serves as a visual and palpable landmark that helps the surgeon gauge the distance to the lesion during dissection and reduces the risk of severing the spring-hook wire
  • The EchoTip models allow for improved visibility under ultrasound
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