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MIC-KEY Continuous Feed Extension Set with ENFit Connectors



The Avanos Medical MIC-KEY* Continuous Feed Extension Set with ENFit Connectors, SECUR-LOK* are indicated for patients who require low-profile Gastrostomy, Jejunal, and Transgastric-jejunal Feeding Tubes.Comprehensive ComponentsThese non-sterile feeding tube extension sets are made with natural rubber, latex-free materials and are compatible with any of the MIC-KEY* feeding tubes. Each extension set is 30 cm long and about 2 inches in size. Each set includes 2 connectors, one is a 2 port “Y” and the other is the SECUR-LOK* Right Angle. There are also medication ports, a tubing clamp and 5 units per case.This set is compatible with ENFit® Connectors and SECUR-LOK*. Can be reused, but not to be utilized for multiple patients.

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