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NEOMED* Oral/Enteral Sterile Syringe

The NeoMed ENFit Oral/Enteral Syringe is indicated for use as a dispenser, a measuring device and a fluid transfer device. It is used to deliver fluids into the body orally or enterally. It is intended to be used in clinical or home care settings by users ranging from clinicians to laypersons (under the supervision of a clinician) in all age groups.

These syringes help maximize nutrition delivery and feature an offset tip, solid plunger and silicone O-ring gasket. NeoMed off-set tip syringes can be used to deliver lipids first in a horizontally positioned syringe pump.


Product Features

  • ENFit connector to enhance patient safety
  • Clear barrel with orange or purple gradient markings
  • NeoMed syringes are validated in Medfusion, BBraun, and ABC enteral syringe pumps
  • Syringes feature an off-set tip, solid plunger and silicone O-ring gasket
  • Standard ENFit Tip in sizes 12 – 100 mL
  • Low Dose Tip in sizes 1 – 6 mL
  • Sterile


Available in Non-Enfit

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