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NEOMED* PVC Feeding Tubes

The NeoMed ENFit Feeding Tube is intended for use in neonatal and pediatric patients to provide nutrition via nasal or oral gastric placement and is not intended for use beyond 30 days.

Avanos offers market-leading enteral feeding products for the NICU/PICU. The NeoMed ENFit feeding tube features an open hub designed to work with the NeoMed Cleaning Tool, which helps to remove debris from inside the hub and around the threads. The plugged closure helps minimize debris from entering the feeding tube opening. Feeding tubes are packaged sterile and available in sizes ranging from 4 – 12FR. NeoMed ENFit feeding tubes are available in silicone, polyurethane and PVC materials. Radiopaque stripe and bold markings at each centimeter help during insertion and to confirm placement.


Product Features

  • ENFit connector to enhance patient safety
  • Orange and purple colors
  • NeoMed’s ENFit feeding tube features an open hub design
  • Sterile


Available in Non-Enfit

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