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Playful Wash

DandleLION Medical


DandleLION Medical and Episencial have partnered to bring the first affordable, non-toxic, organic baby wash to hospitalized babies. Playful Wash is pH neutral, mild, non-irritating and easy to rinse off. The gentle and hydrating cleanser will not irritate eyes or sensitive places. The mild and fresh scent comes from organic orange extract, not fragrance from chemical formulations. Playful Wash was developed by Kim Walls, CEO of Episencial, second generation skin care expert, and Mom. She recognized the importance for starting babies, and especially preemies, with non-toxic, organic products from the first day of life. Playful Wash: Made with certified organic ingredients that are gentle and non-irritating Verified pH balanced for skin (5.5) Preserved with natural ingredients with a 2 year shelf life Natural citrus scent  no fragrance Wont irritate eyes or sensitive places  rinses off fast without any residue No secret formulas or hidden ingredients Manufactured in a pharmaceutical laboratory using solar power Consistent with environmentally preferred purchasing practices from manufacturing through disposal Packaged in recycled and sustainable materials that are phthalate and BPA free

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