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SafeBreak® Vascular

Lineus Medical


SafeBreak is the first breakaway device cleared for every IV line in both adults and children. These lines include: peripheral IV catheters, midlines, peripherally inserted central catheters, central venous catheters, IV ports, and intraosseous access devices on patients two weeks of age and up.


Harmful forces on IV lines can lead to dressing disruption, phlebitis, dislodgement, occlusion, infiltration and ultimately to an IV restart. Safebreak Vascular separates to remove these harmful forces, protecting the patient and the IV catheter.



  • Restart IV infusion quickly without a needlestick
  • Reduces blood loss and medicine spills
  • Includes a proprietary anti-reconnect feature and prevents anyone from accidentally putting device back together
  • The only breakaway device with infection control technology
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