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TLC® Foot Splint

I.V. House®


Ergonomically Designed for Increased Visibility

The TLC® Foot Splint is ergonomically designed to correspond with the natural bend in an infant’s ankle to stabilize the joint when a foot site is required for IV therapy. It can be used medially or laterally on the right or left foot and provides access to the greater saphenous vein, dorsal arch, and surrounding veins on the top of the foot. An I.V. House® UltraDome® or I.V. House® UltraDressing® will help anchor the foot to the TLC® Foot Splint and protect the IV site from newborns and infant kicking their own feet.


  • Soft straps secure splint safely, with minimal tension
  • Closed cell foam pad provides a hygienic, comfortable surface
  • Easily assess extremity through openings for care, maintenance, and hourly inspection
  • Ergonomic shape supports ankle
  • Softly rounded ends provide comfort for surrounding tissue
  • Adjustable, resealable Velcro® tabs eliminate over-taping of fragile skin
  • Maximizes dwell time, minimizes the need for painful, traumatic restarts
  • Universal design fits either leg, medial or lateral side
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